Our Retail Store is Closed

All Happybottomus retail is now closed. You can still access the blog articles from the past. Thank you for all your support!

You can still follow Brookie-Lee on her blog at http://brookie-lee.com/

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Happybottomus Update

Make sure that you are connected on the groups on facebook!

Brookie-Lee has a blog! Follow along and learn all her tips and tricks to living a simpler life!

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Happybottomus is Closed

Upcoming Event: April 2012 Diaper Swap & Great Cloth Diaper Change, Location: TBD
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/happybottomus
Parents Group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/happybottomus/
Mailing List: http://www.happybottomus.com/mailing-list.html

January 2012 Diaper Swap Below

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Tell Congress No! SOPA/PIPA

The U.S. Congress is currently considering two bills — one in the House of Representatives called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and another in the Senate called PIPA (Protect IP Act). These bills both attempt to use similar methods to further criminalize and police intellectual property infringement. Although protecting intellectual property is important, these bills would use heavy-handed tactics that would censor and splinter the Internet.

SOPA and PIPA would grant the U.S. government the ability to block almost any website on the Internet if the site is perceived to be an “infringing site.” Search engines would be required to remove the site from their search listings, payment processors and advertisement networks would be forbidden from doing business with the site, and ISPs could be forced to block access to the site for Americans. The bill provides little detail about what would constitute an infringing site, which makes the potential for abuse far greater. We have already seen how these kind of systems can be abused. In 2010, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) mistakenly seized a domain name belonging to a music blog and labeled it as a “rogue site” — the domain name was not returned until a year later (source: http://nyti.ms/uF73mZ). If you would like to see a video explanation of how the bill works and its dangers, please go here: http://vimeo.com/31100268

Happybottomus has publicly declared our opposition to both bills, and we encourage you to do the same. Contact your representatives in Congress to let your opposition to these bills be known! To locate the contact information for your representatives, visit one of the following websites:



If you’re located outside the United States, you can let your voice be heard as well by sending your thoughts via this website:


Another way to get involved in the fight against SOPA and PIPA is to join in on the blackouts. Many well-known websites such as Wikipedia, Google, and Reddit are demonstrating their opposition, and you can too. Site5 has sponsored a WordPress plugin for participating in blackouts, and it features an easy setup and configuration options within the WordPress admin area:


We feel very strongly that the future of the Internet is at stake, and we urge everyone to get involved!

The Happybottomus Team

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Cloth Diaper Swap

Our next Diaper Swap is on January 14th, 2012 from 9am to noon in Overland Park.

“I was at the swap yesterday and loved it! The sellers as well as the staff were very attentive and Kevin took a few minutes to talk to me about pre-fold sizes and was very helpful. I can’t wait for the next one and hope to be a seller someday and get some of my well spent money back! How great is that!”

Kendra, a mama shopping the Oct 2010 Swap

Want to shop the Diaper Swap?
Everyone is welcome!  Think of a giant garage sale of cloth diapers. Every style, brand, size, and shape you can think of. Prices ranging from $40 to free. From 9am-noon, stacks and piles of cloth diapers, wipes, wetbags, and cloth diaper accessories fill the dozen tables at our diaper swaps. Our mom sellers work their tables ready to chat cloth with buyers.

This is a fantastic opportunity for first time users to try different styles while saving money. Or for pro-users to stock up on their favorite stash. Have a friend who is expecting? Great baby gift idea!

Want to know what used cloth diapers sell for in other parts of the country? Visit diaperswappers.com and search their forums to find other moms selling their stash.

Happybottomus hosts a diaper swap once a trimester at our retail store. For store address and a map to our store click here.  Future dates for our diaper swaps are on our Calendar page.  Diaper swaps are in January, April, July, and October each year.

Do you have cloth diapers to sell?
Call or e-mail us to reserve your table and be included on our call list for updates. You must have a minimum of twelve diapers to sell. On the day of the Swap please show up at 8am to set up your items at your table. We will provide blank price tags with barcodes for each item that you are selling. Showing up early will give you time to tag and arrange your items and browse the other sellers tables. Customers will browse the multiple sellers items, select their choices, and check out at the Happybottomus register. At the end of the swap Happybottomus will write each seller a check for the items that were sold that day minus a 15% fee to cover credit card charges and advertising. Please contact us if you have any questions 913-649-2143. Nursing babies are welcome, but we ask that you leave your older children at home as the event is crowded and not fun for children. Exceptions do apply.

We only have space for 18 sellers per swap so please call to reserve your spot. It is unlikely that there will be an opening the week before the swap. We have the dates of the swaps posted on the calendar well in advance and update our facebook page and twitter with reminders. You may not receive a reminder email if you are not on our sellers list.

Items that are directly reusable cloth, cloth diaper, and diaper related are welcome. Diapers, covers, inserts, boosters, liners, wipes, fasteners, wetbags, pail liners, diaper sprayers, detergent, unused wipes solution or rash cream, disposable insets, bioliners, mama pads, mama wetbag, and nursing pads.

Slings, nursing covers, and WAHM items are welcome at the January Swap.

Items beyond the above described are better suited for a consignment sale, consignment shop, garage sale, or thrift store. Diaper bags, toys, clothes, disposable diapers, play blankets, bedding, etc.

If you are a cloth diaper manufacturer and would like to attend our swap you are welcome to attend one swap a year. We have many mama’s wanting to resell and the spots fill up quickly. We want to be fair and give as many mamas a chance to sell as possible. Your used as well as unused/newly made items may be sold at the one swap you attend.

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