A fun activity to welcome a new sibling!

If you are pregnant or have already welcomed your new baby to the family, you may know how difficult of an adjustment it is for your other children. This is a fun way to get your child involved in welcoming the new baby to the family. This is also a fun activity for birthday parties, baby showers or just a rainy day!

You will need:

  • Plain solid color onesie (a light colored one works best, 100% cotton or cotton blend)
  • Crayola fabric markers
  • A small box or book  (small enough to fit inside of onesie and stretch it out)
  • Iron
  • Piece of paper


Place a small box or book inside of onesie to stretch it out so that it is easier to color on.


Let your little one go to town! Let them draw a picture for their new brother or sister.


When they are done, turn on your iron on to the synthetic heat setting.


Turn the onesie inside-out and sandwich the piece of paper inside the onesie between the pieces of fabric. Move iron over the backside of the design for a couple minutes.


Wash and put on your new little cutie! Pose the kiddos for pictures to show everyone how proud the big brother (or sister) is!


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