A Little Post about Ladies Days

We all have them, well those of us who are female anyway.  What am I talking about?  You probably already guessed, I am talking about that horrid week once a month, called menstruation.  Since we hit puberty we have been silently dealing with the cramps, aches, and leaks, that brand us as women.  But I have found that there is a better way.  There are more options than chemical laden sanitary pads, and uncomfortable tampons, that by the way have a warning that says could cause death from Toxic Shock Syndrome!  Hmmm, not so convenient now is it?  Below are a few modern yet old school ways to deal with your ladies days and turn each day into a happy one.  Now these won’t keep you from getting mad at your husband for not taking out the trash, but hey every little bit helps.

1. Cloth Pads:  Cloth pads have been found to reduce cramping and even make your period lighter over time.  The reason behind this is that you no longer have chemicals being absorbed into your body from disposables pads that will then have to be flushed out as well.  It makes perfect sense when you think about it.  Cloth pads come in wide variety.  You can have organic materials, fleece or PUL backed to make them leak free, or a combination of the two.  The bamboo velour pads being sold on etsy and hyena cart by WAHMS look divine.  You can get them hand dyed in all sorts of fun colors.  Plus the softness of cloth pads is a huge step up from plastic pads.  I know you will agree.

Cloth pads are also offered in postpartum or heavy flow style.  Some even come with built in ice packs for the those sensitive days after giving birth.  Your bady has been through enough bringing your baby into the world, treat it with some kindness and pamper yourself with cloth instead of disposable pads.

2.Menstrual Cup:It is embarrassing to say but this thing changed my life!  No more pads, no more leaking, or running to the bathroom every hour just to check.  No more gigantic overnight pads!  Menstrual cups are an amazing product.  Made from hospital grade silicone they are worn similar to a tampon.  Only difference is you can change it as little as 2 times a day.  They can also be worn overnight.  A bonus to these is that they are also proven to reduce cramping and flow, as well as not having a risk for Toxic Shock.

Do they save money?  That is hard to say.  Everyone has different needs so you may not go through many disposable pads.  You need to buy one cup every year, or have a minimum of about 6-8 cloth pads.  They may not truly save a lot but they will help the environment.  We see a lot of stats on how many diapers babies use.  Well that average woman will use around 10,800 pads in her life time from 13-63.  Multiply that by the number of women in the world and it makes for a staggering amount.  So it may not take a chunk out of your wallet but it will for sure be positive for your world.

I urge you to consider more earth and health friendly options for your special time every month.  When I first heard of cups and cloth pads I thought “these people are nuts” but a year and a half later I am a total convert.  Do some research of your own and find out what kind of system would work for you.

About Jazz

Jazz is mommy to a busy toddler, Axel, that she babywears, cloth diapers, attachment parents and feeds organically. Between being mom and wife to Stephen, a nursing student and Navy Corpsman, she is getting ready to work on her graduate degree in Indigenous Studies. Jazz loves all things natural and can't wait to bring more beautiful blessings into the world and grow her eco-happy family!
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  1. Karynn says:

    Menstrual cup are great!