Are cell phones the new cigarette?

It is becoming increasingly more obvious how dangerous cell phones really are- especially for babies and children. We are all guilty of it… baby starts fussing so you hand them your cell phone to occupy them while you finish grocery shopping, etc. Sure, it seems harmless but it is very dangerous! Besides the obvious reasons (germs, small parts) there are two major dangers of cell phones.

The most commonly known of the two is the radiation that your phones emits. Studies are showing an increased link to tumors, brain damage, neurological problems and cancer. Children are at a higher risk because their cell growth is not stable yet and their skulls are thinner than adults. According to Cancer Aware, in a 5 year old, radiation can reach 75% of the brain…. A baby’s skull is even thinner. Scary!

The less known danger of cell phones is that most contain BPA in the casing. It is said that when heated, an increased amount of BPA is leached from the plastic. I know that my personal cell phone gets really hot after prolonged use. Now what do most babies do? Put things in their mouth… I think you know where I am going with this.

There arguments both ways when it comes to cell phones as it has become a hot topic. My personal opinion is to use caution when it comes to your children’s safety.

Look for my next entry- I found some more unusual sources of BPA that might surprise you!

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