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Kid-friendly Halloween activities!

As I have been planning our family Halloween party, I have been trying to come up with fun activities for the kids (ages 1-4 years) that aren’t too spooky. From spooky treats to frighteningly fun games, here is a list … Continue reading

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Hidden Sources of BPA

It is near impossible to steer clear of all BPA because it is hidden in many things- some that we come in contact on a DAILY basis. In adults, BPA is linked to heart disease, diabetes and liver problems and … Continue reading

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Are cell phones the new cigarette?

It is becoming increasingly more obvious how dangerous cell phones really are- especially for babies and children. We are all guilty of it… baby starts fussing so you hand them your cell phone to occupy them while you finish grocery … Continue reading

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Save money on baby wipes and go cloth!

If you have already switched to cloth diapers but are still using disposable wipes, make your life easier and make the switch to cloth wipes! When you are cloth diapering it just makes sense to use cloth wipes- no more … Continue reading

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Natural vs. Organic

While shopping you may see labels that say natural and others that say organic… Don’t be fooled! These do not mean the same thing and you may not be buying what you think! Beware of items labeled “natural”. The FDA … Continue reading

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