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I'm "Mum-Mum" to my super-strong 29 week preemie, G, who is now an amazing 2-year-old and our newest arrival the sweet Miss A, who joined our family in May. I work from home and try to find a balance between home and work, "crunchy" and corporate.

Color-fun #1: Play Dough

My toddler and I have been exploring color lately.  Today’s project was making play dough and mixing the food coloring.  We made a batch of green, talking about how blue and yellow mix to make it and then how blue … Continue reading

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Shaving Cream

My new favorite craft supply is shaving cream.  Cheap shaving cream at that.  It smells good, it cleans up easily, it is cheap, and it feels fun too.  How can you lose?  Here are 2 “toddler approved” projects we’ve done … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding The Cars

Or why we don’t need a “breastfeeding doll” in my house. I actually like The Breast Milk Baby.  I’m happy to see a doll out there that doesn’t come with a plastic bottle.  I like that it is bringing attention … Continue reading

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5 Dangerous Things…

I just watched a TED Talk about “5 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids Do“.  I was instantly interested because, well, I have a boy who likes dangerous things.  I also grew up with 14 neighborhood boys, so “danger” … Continue reading

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Sensory Bins

I love sensory bins!  They are a great way to teach children about the World and have fun.  There are endless ways to make bins and at our house we are just starting to explore our options.  Touching, seeing, listening, … Continue reading

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