Building Language Naturally

We all know that babies can crawl before they can walk…

But have you thought about how they can sign before they can talk?

That’s right!! Sign language is not just a communication tool for those who are D/deaf or hard of hearing.

Every time a baby waves “bye-bye” or reaches their arms up to be held, they are communicating using simple signs.

AL says "HELLO"

There is a nasty rumor going around that using sign language will delay speech, but fortunately, that is not true at all. When you see your baby waving, would you rush over and and tell him/her “no no no no…. don’t do that” because you are worried he/she will never actually say “bye-bye”? Of course not. That is because speech is a skill – American Sign Language and English are both languages. If your goal is communication, you will find that when you give the gift of language no matter if you choose Spanish, Norwegian, English or American Sign Language.

Teaching sign language to your baby is not intended to make a Baby Einstein or create a My Baby Can Read prodigy. It is a very natural way to present a beautifully visual language that can help make connections with any spoken language. Even older kiddos can benefit by learning ASL as a second language. Try using the American Sign Language alphabet when practicing spelling words or ASL signs to have a special way communicate as a family.

The results that you can experience when using sign language with your baby is not just the new rage. It has been carefully studied in clinical and university settings for over 25 years proving that signing can…

* Boost IQ
* Strengthen Parent/Child Bonding
* Increase Confidence
* Decrease Tantrums, Tears and Misbehavior
* Help Children to Read Earlier
* Help a Child Become Better Adjusted
* Be Helpful to Children of all Abilities

It really is possible that the “terrible twos” don’t have to be so terrible after all!

Our family first looked into signing together when we became foster parents to a very special deaf girl. We have now been a foster family for 2 deaf children and currently use ASL (American Sign Language) with our biological (hearing) daughter. I have become very passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of using American Sign Language with all ages and abilities because I have seen those benefits first hand.

In Our Home, Signing is a Sign of Love

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