KC CDing Businesses

Cloth Diaper Services

Metro Cloth Diapering
Daisy Diaper Service, 816-616-9561

Local Cloth Diaper Retail Stores

It’s Only Natural
Blue Dandelion
About Nine Months

Local Cloth Diaper Internet Stores

For the Monster
Teeny Greeny

About Brookie-Lee

Brookie-Lee is the mother of four wonderful children and wife to her best friend. She is a La Leche League Leader, Hypnobabies instructor, and previous owner of Happybottomus. She gives birth at home, breastfeeds, co-sleeps, cloth diapers, baby-wears, non-vax, eats organically, uses natural remedies, does yoga, and now homeschools. She lives in Historic Northeast Kansas City and has an urban farm with a garden and chickens.
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