For Your Little Prince or Princess

The royal wedding will be tomorrow (very) early in the morning! Here are a few ideas to help you celebrate with your little prince or princess:


Mommy Shop in Overland Park will be hosting a story time at 10:00 AM. Cinderella will be reading the story. Snacks are also provided and the best part – It’s free! Top hats, ties and princess attire is requested but not required. You can find out more information at KCmetromoms


Tea is not only good, but can be good for you!

* There are anti-cancer properties of antioxidant polyphenols found in tea
* Tea has less than half the caffeine found in a cup of coffee
* Brewed tea contains zero calories unless you add sweetener or milk (however, iced tea contains an average of 86 calories and you do not receive the same health benefits)
* Green tea has shown to increase metabolism
* Black tea may reduce your risk of heart-attack and stroke
* The polyphenols found in tea may also help increase your immune system and help build strong bones

White tea and green tea are the least processed because they are simply steamed quickly. The more processed the tea leaves, the darker the tea will become.

Herbal tea isn’t really a tea at all because it is made from roots, flowers, spices, herbs or other parts of the plant. It’s proper term is tisane.

You can brew your own tea at home, or find a fun spot to grab a cup in Kansas City!

Madame Hatter’s Tea Room is a family friendly tea room in Bonner Springs. It is decorated with many different vintage accessories and has a dress-up corner with fun hats, scarves, gloves, beads, etc… if you plan to go, find out more info on their website. They are closed Sun/Mon and are open 11-3pm the rest of the week.

Some other fun places to grab a cup of tea…

Tea Drops in Westport

Tea Market in Brookside

The Teahouse and Coffeepot between Westport and the Plaza

Will you be watching the royal wedding (at 3am or DVR)? Where is your favorite place to drink a cup of tea?

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