Hidden Sources of BPA

It is near impossible to steer clear of all BPA because it is hidden in many things- some that we come in contact on a DAILY basis. In adults, BPA is linked to heart disease, diabetes and liver problems and traces of the chemical can be found in the majority of people’s urine. The scariest part… It has even been found in breast milk! Here is a list of surprising items that may contain traces of BPA:

* Dental sealants
* Pizza boxes made of recycled cardboard
* Recycled paper
* Canning jar lids
* Thermal paper receipts
* Wine and beer (fermented in BPA-resin lined vats)
* Rubbermaid polycarbonate-lined baking tins used by Subway
* Pop (soda) cans
* Canned food
* Common plastic cups used in college cafeterias
* Sunglasses or eyeglasses with plastic lenses
* Blue-tinted hard plastic water cooler jugs
* CDs and DVDs
* Car parts (steering wheel, gear shift, dashboard, etc.)
* Food processors and blenders (Here is a SAFE list)

While it is not possible to completely avoid all sources of BPA, you can limit your exposure in a number of ways. Wash your hands immediately after handling thermal paper receipts. DO NOT use alcohol based hand sanitizer- it increases absorption of BPA! Another way to avoid BPA is to reduce your use of all paper products. BPA tainted products are accidentally recycled and put back into many paper products (i.e. toilet paper). Do your part and help keep BPA tainted products away from recycling centers!

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