Kid-friendly Halloween activities!

As I have been planning our family Halloween party, I have been trying to come up with fun activities for the kids (ages 1-4 years) that aren’t too spooky. From spooky treats to frighteningly fun games, here is a list of toddler and preschooler friendly ways to celebrate Halloween!

* Pumpkin decorating- Instead of carving pumpkins, give each kid a small pumpkin and a plethora of art supplies- acrylic paint, stickers, glitter glue, googly eyes, etc.- for them to decorate their pumpkins.

* Oreo spiders- Stick straight pretzel sticks around your Oreos and use a squirt of icing to attach two candy eyes on top.

* Pumpkin ghost bowling- Decorate empty pop bottles to look like ghosts then set up like bowling pins and use a small pumpkin as a ball to knock them down.

* Ghost hunt- Cover suckers with a white tissue or fabric and tie or rubber band at the bottom of the sucker. Use a sharpie and put on a mouth and eyes. Scatter and hide throughout your house or yard and have the kids go on a ghost hunt!

* Mummy dogs- Use refrigerated croissant dough strips to wrap around hot dogs and bake. Use mustard or ketchup to make the face.

* Witches hands- Give each kid a clear plastic glove. Have them put a piece of candy corn at the end of each finger. Fill the glove with popcorn. Tie closed with string. Put a plastic novelty spider ring on one of the fingers.

* Ghoulish gourds- Using white acrylic paint and a sponge brush, completely paint a gourd white. Let dry and use a black marker or paint to make a cute little ghost face.

* Spider hands and stinky ghost feet- Get black and white construction paper and black and white paint. For spiders, coat hands in black paint and stamp onto white paper wrist to wrist with fingers sticking out. Paint on white eyes or glue on googly eyes. For ghosts, coat foot in white paint and stamp on black paper. Heel up and toes down, make a ghost face with black paint or marker.

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