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What to Do When You’re “Overdue”

First off, I don’t truly believe in being overdue. I believe that babies are born at the perfect time and are never “late”… saying that, I was 2 weeks past the day that my doctor had estimated so I know … Continue reading

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Hidden Sources of BPA

It is near impossible to steer clear of all BPA because it is hidden in many things- some that we come in contact on a DAILY basis. In adults, BPA is linked to heart disease, diabetes and liver problems and … Continue reading

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Are cell phones the new cigarette?

It is becoming increasingly more obvious how dangerous cell phones really are- especially for babies and children. We are all guilty of it… baby starts fussing so you hand them your cell phone to occupy them while you finish grocery … Continue reading

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How I Feed My Kids

My children are generally healthy eaters.  I am often asked by friends how I get my children to eat the food that they eat.  They love to munch of veggies and fruit and will gladly eat meat. So here is … Continue reading

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Flu Shot or Not?

With all the controversy about whether vaccinations are safe it raises the question as to whether a flu shot is a necessary medical intervention.  We have all probably been seeing the flu shot booths at Walmart and Walgreens, perhaps you … Continue reading

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