Meet LittleBirdsMommy

Hello, I’m LittleBirdsMommy.  I just thought I’d introduce myself, so later when you see my posts you don’t go, “Who is writing this?”.  Well, you still might – but now you have some idea.

Defined in 3 “mom” terms I’m the following:

  • A Work At Home/Part-time In Office Mom. Basically this means that 2 days a week I go into an office and work (at a really fun job) and the rest of the week I do between 4 and 6 hours of “office work” a day in between playing with my son and generally keeping him out of trouble.
  • A NICU/Preemie Mom. My son, G, was born at only 29 weeks gestation due to placenta previa that was bleeding uncontrollably.  He spent 52 days in the NICU and came home 3 weeks before his due date.  2 happy, healthy years later I’m still a NICU/Preemie Mom.  It’s not something that’s easy to “get over”, I don’t know if I ever will.
  • A Food Allergy Mom. Here’s the tricky thing – I’m the one with allergies, but we are 99% sure G has the allergies too after he broke out in a rash after one bite of green beans.  We just can’t test him because he isn’t/won’t be exposed to the allergens because the risk to me is so great.  I’m allergic to the protein found in all Legumes, so Peanuts, Beans, Peas, Soy, Lentils, Chick Peas, etc, can all send me into anaphylactic shock – even just by touch.  It makes me sad that I can’t enjoy hummus, tofu or even something as simple as black beans and rice, and because I can’t, neither can my family.

I also support delayed/selective vaccinations, extended rear-facing, breastfeeding as long as you can, cloth diapering, reading to children, crafting, baby-wearing, free-range parenting and much more.  I’ll be writing a little about all of these things, as well as my struggles with natural parenting a preemie and hopefully my VBAC experience.  I’m due with our 2nd child in May and I’m hoping for a drug-free VBAC!

I’m happy to answer any questions anyone may have.  Just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

That’s all from this mom for now.  Time to chase down a toddler!


About LittleBirdsMommy

I'm "Mum-Mum" to my super-strong 29 week preemie, G, who is now an amazing 2-year-old and our newest arrival the sweet Miss A, who joined our family in May. I work from home and try to find a balance between home and work, "crunchy" and corporate.
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