More than a Pocket

I used to think that I needed individual diapering systems to fulfill all my needs.  For instance I needed a hybrid system for traveling, an AI2 for the diaper bag, and pockets for at home and for bedtime.  But have since realized that I don’t actually need different systems for separate occasions.  Your favorite diapers can double as other styles if you just make a few adjustments.

I love pockets, the fit is always perfect and I never worry about leaks.  However putting four to six pockets in my diaper bag for a day out doesn’t leave much room for anything else.  Some simple sewing can turn your favorite pocket into whatever you need it to be.

Make it an AI2:   I purchased extra microfiber inserts and then sewed fleece to the top of them making them stay dry and safe to be against baby’s skin.  You could use the inserts that came with your diapers as well, just remember to stuff them with the fleece side down when using as a pocket.  By making your own stay dry inerts you can now simply lay them on top of an unstuffed pocket and voila you have a simple and cost effective All in Two system without having to do too much sewing wizardry.  You may wonder if the fleece becomes wet.  I haven’t noticed an issue and several companies such as Softbums have similar systems.  You can reuse your pocket All in Two about 3 times or until it is soiled with solids.  Use this same technique to turn your covers into AI2 systems.  It is much simpler to bring along a few inserts instead of prefolds or fitteds.

Fuzzibunz Pocket as an AI2

Thirsties Cover as an AI2

Make it a Hybrid:  There is absolutely no reason why you cannot use disposable inserts laid on top of a pocket.  I fact it works quite well.  Last year for our vacation I bought a hybrid system just for the trip.  This year I am going to pick up some inserts and use the pockets and covers I already have.  In my experience Grovia Biosoakers work the best for this purpose.  They have a sort of waterproof backing that keeps the fleece from your pocket from feeling damp, I also like that they have an adhesive to make them stick in place.  I have used Flip and Gdiaper inserts as well and both work fine.  Also if you use an AIO diaper like Fishnoodles where the insert is detachable you can use Grovia Biosoakers in them as well since the cotton or bamboo will not become wet.

Fuzzibunz Pocket as a Hybrid

Thirsties Cover as a Hybrid


It can be frustrating enough to find a diaper that fits your baby perfect, let alone one that meets all your needs.  By thinking side the label your diaper brand has been given you may find that meets more of your requirements in the perfect diaper than you originally thought.  There is no rule saying you have to use products exactly as they come.  If you love pockets but hate microfiber, then stuff them with hemp, flats, or prefolds.  The diaper police won’t come after you.  If you need a swim diaper re purpose a cover or pocket.  Make your stash work for you rather than constantly trying to discover Holy Grail of products.  Finding multiple purposes for what you already have will save you money, time, and peace of mind.

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Jazz is mommy to a busy toddler, Axel, that she babywears, cloth diapers, attachment parents and feeds organically. Between being mom and wife to Stephen, a nursing student and Navy Corpsman, she is getting ready to work on her graduate degree in Indigenous Studies. Jazz loves all things natural and can't wait to bring more beautiful blessings into the world and grow her eco-happy family!
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