Save money on baby wipes and go cloth!

If you have already switched to cloth diapers but are still using disposable wipes, make your life easier and make the switch to cloth wipes! When you are cloth diapering it just makes sense to use cloth wipes- no more sorting dirty disposable wipes from diapers before washing! Don’t be scared because it is so easy and will save you a lot of money- about $1,000 from birth until potty trained!

There are many different kinds of cloth wipes that you can buy or you can be extra thrifty (and green) and make your own. You can use just about any fabric from flannel to terrycloth to velour but stay away from fleece and woven fabrics. I have heard of people using old flannel sheets to make theirs. You will want about two dozen wipes. The typical size is 8 x 8. For thinner fabrics make your wipes a couple layers. Cut out squares and serge or zig zag sew around edges. I store mine in an old plastic baby wipes container I had. I fold them in half and store them dry.

When I started using cloth wipes my biggest confusion was the wipe solution. What I found to work best for me is a spray bottle (bought mine in the travel section at the store for a $1) and I fill with water and about a tablespoon of California Baby Diaper Area Wash. I spray my wipe then clean the bottom. You can also try Diaper Lotion Potion Spray or Bumgenius Bottom Cleaner. If you are wanting something homemade, you can find many recipes online but they can be as simple as water and a couple drops of baby wash. Some people store their wipes wet in water or a solution but I chose not to so that I don’t risk the growth of mold or mildew.

Find what works for you and run with it! Once you start using cloth wipes you will be amazed at how easy it really is. You will wish you started using them earlier! :)

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2 Responses to Save money on baby wipes and go cloth!

  1. Lisa Round says:

    I was using cloth wipes when my baby was first born but once she started solids I stopped. I am dumping the solid waste in the toilet & spraying the diapers with bac-out. I am not sure how to handle the wipes. Do I have to spray them? Or dunk in the toilet? Yuck! Help! I really liked using cloth wipes.

    • Jamie says:

      Hi Lisa! I am still nursing exclusively so I have not got to the solid poop phase yet but I would recommend shaking out what solid parts you can into the toilet and then use a diaper sprayer on the diaper and wipe together. HTH!