Sized or One Size

Along with the many other choices to be made about cloth diapers, whether to go with a sized or one size diaper tops the list.  Parents often make this choice based on financial ability as well as fit factors. Because sized diapers are able to be worn from Birth to Potty training they make an economical cloth diapering choice.  Although one size diapers do seem to save more money than sized diapers, many still choose to use perfect size diapers.  The reasons behind this choice are the superior fit of sized diapers as well as not having to deal with rise snaps or elastic sizing options.  I have complied a list of sized diapers their overall cost and weight ranges as opposed to one size diapers.  I have figured this on an 18 diaper scale at bulk pricing but you could use less or more depending on your washing schedule.

Fuzzi Bunz One Size: $344 Fits 7-35lbs

Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Size: Extra Small $305 4-12lbs. Small $307 7-18lbs. Med $307 15-30lbs. (many have reported that medium fits past potty learning so I have omitted the large size) Total Cost $919 (this does not factor resale value)

Bumgenius 4.0 One Size: $307 Fits 7-35lbs.

Bumgenius Sized: (Bumgenius seems to be discontinuing their sized diapers but you can still find them some places so I will include them)  Extra Small: $233 6-12lbs.  Small: $288 8-16lbs Med: $288 15-22lbs Large: $288 22-30lbs.  Total Cost: $1097 (you could leave out the newborn size if you have a larger baby)

Thirsties Duo Diaper: Size One: $333 6-18lbs Size Two: $333 18-40lbs Total Cost: $666

Grovia All in One: $413 Fits 10-35lbs.

Grovia Hybrid Live Package: $394 Fits 8-35lbs

Kissaluvs Marvels One Size: $413 Fits 7-35lbs

Rumparooz: $405 Fits 6-35lbs

Happy Heinys Deluxe Package: $335 Fits 8-35lbs

There are obviously many many more choices out there as far as diapers go but this should at least give you a little idea about how these diapers would reflect on your finances.  You can see from the cost breakdown that sized diapers do cost quite a bit more than one size diapers.  But there are also advantages to them as well.

One Size Pros:

Fit from Birth to Potty Training

Cost Effective

Could use on two different sized children without having to have different diapers for each.

One Size Cons:

May wear out faster than sized diapers because of continued use.

May be bulkier than sized diapers.

Have to deal with rise snaps etc. May have fit issues.

Sized Pros:

If kept in good condition can be used for several children since they are used for shorter amounts of time.

Trim Fit

Easy to use

Sized Cons:

More Expensive

Need more diapers
Prefolds and covers are a totally different story.  There are sized diaper covers as well as one size.  Prefolds also come in a two size configuration(infant and premium) or sized versions.  These options will always be cheaper than pockets or AIO diapers.  I have found that I do prefer sized prefolds and sized covers over one size because the fit really is better.  Flat diapers can be an exception to this rule because they can be folded in so many different ways making them a trim one size option.

I find that some brands of one size diapers are trimmer than sized diapers.  In the end it really just depends on your child’s body type.  Cost is always a factor when cloth diapering as that is a reason why many parents choose cloth in the first place.  One size diapers are cheaper, but sized diapers can be a great investment as well if you plan to use them one more than one child.  I hope this breakdown might help in making your choice, but the best thing is to try them both and see which one you like best.

About Jazz

Jazz is mommy to a busy toddler, Axel, that she babywears, cloth diapers, attachment parents and feeds organically. Between being mom and wife to Stephen, a nursing student and Navy Corpsman, she is getting ready to work on her graduate degree in Indigenous Studies. Jazz loves all things natural and can't wait to bring more beautiful blessings into the world and grow her eco-happy family!
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2 Responses to Sized or One Size

  1. Brookie-Lee says:

    Don’t forget though that sized diapers can be sold as you move up to the next size.

    Buy XS FB $15.95 x 24diapers= $382.80 cost
    Sell XS FB $15 x 24dipes= $288 return(use to buy smalls)
    Total cost= $94.80
    Buy S FB $17.95 x 18dipes= $323.10 cost
    Sell S FM $15 x 18dipes= $270 return(use to buy mediums)
    Total cost= $453.10
    Buy M FB $17.95 x 12dipes= $215.40
    Sell M FB $15 x 12dipes= $180
    Total cost= $35.40
    So a total cost for sized Fuzzi Bunz being $183.30

    24 one sized Fuzzi Bunz at $18.95 totaling $454.80. Selling them for $15 gives you back $360.

    So a total cost for one sized Fuzzi Bunz being $94.80

  2. Jazz says:

    Very True, I am just now selling my son’s stash to get newborn diapers so it comes full circle, our total costs will end up being pretty low this time around.