Sun Bathing Cloth Diapers!

Did you know there is a completely free way to dry your cloth diapers with tons of benefits? The sun! We are now approaching the time of year where there are more sunny than cloudy days, so around my house we call it sun bathing season. Not your typical sun bathing…it’s cloth diaper sun bathing season! You don’t need to spend money or time putting up a clothes line either you can use a hammock like I do or a lawn chair…the deck…a towel on the grass.

Yesterday I put up my hammock in the backyard to enjoy a swing with my little ones and then had some diapers that needed to come out of the washer so I hung them to dry. I love a good swing in a hammock, but honestly last year I probably used it for drying my diapers more than for relaxation! Maybe this year will be different. (Hint…Hint…for any daddies reading this – a hammock that doubles as a clothesline would be a wonderful mother’s day gift for that special lady in your life).

There are many benefits to sun bathing your diapers, here are a few:

  • Removes stains for free without the use of harsh chemicals. We have a lot of diapers that get stained around our house…with the breast milk poop from one kiddo and toddler poop from another. I can set them outside for a couple hours and the stains are gone and the diapers are even whiter than before.
  • Removes the stink and gives them a fresh smell. The suns ray’s disinfects them and actually kills germs, bacteria and mold! If you are curious about how all that works here is some interesting information.
  • You save energy and money without using the dryer.
  • It helps your diapers last longer. Have you noticed that some of the care instructions say to line dry. A few of mine say that, but I don’t always follow the directions. :) Most of the time I am in a hurry to get a clean diaper, because my children are wearing their very last diaper so I am pulling it out of the dryer as I need them. However, I have noticed less wear and tear on my diapers when I use the sun as my dryer!
  • Doing laundry doesn’t have to be boring and mundane…now you can enjoy some sunshine while laundering! My little sunshine (that is actually what we called her when she was in my belly, because we didn’t know if she was a boy or girl) loves to help mama put clothes out to dry on the hammock. I called out a color and she would pick out a diaper that was that color for us to hang up! Our diapers got cleaned and we had a chance to have fun, enjoy the sun, fresh air and the outdoors.

I have learned a few tips from sun bathing my diapers over the last 23 months…here they are:

  • If you notice that your diapers feel a little crunchy after sun bathing them you can always throw them in the dryer for a few minutes and they are nice and soft again.
  • If you are wanting to get out stains wet works best, just spray them down or rinse under water if all of the stains didn’t come out the first time.
  • Stained diapers lie flat on the hammock and the ones that just need to dry I hang on the ends of the hammock.
  • We use Rockin Green detergent for many reasons (I will write about that in another post), Their yummy smelling scents leave the diapers smelling even better after they have been out in the sun!
  • It doesn’t have to be full sun to dry and remove stains.

I think our grandma’s and great grandma’s had the right idea about drying clothes in the sun! Enjoy sun bathing! I’m sure there are many other benefits and tips…feel free to share.

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