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Shaving Cream

My new favorite craft supply is shaving cream.  Cheap shaving cream at that.  It smells good, it cleans up easily, it is cheap, and it feels fun too.  How can you lose?  Here are 2 “toddler approved” projects we’ve done … Continue reading

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Sensory Bins

I love sensory bins!  They are a great way to teach children about the World and have fun.  There are endless ways to make bins and at our house we are just starting to explore our options.  Touching, seeing, listening, … Continue reading

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Why I Love Baby and Toddler Wearing

We had an amazing four day weekend this past weekend…my hubby was off work a couple extra days and the girls loooved it and so did I. We spent most everyday outside putting in the (free) playset we scored, planting, digging in the … Continue reading

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Fun At Local Parks

My son and I have been going to lots of parks lately.  The weather has been nice and with our next child’s arrival scheduled at any moment, I’ve wanted to spend time with my “big boy”.  We’ve been out all … Continue reading

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A fun and easy craft project for toddlers

I wanted an easy craft project that G (my 2 year-old) could do next to me while I got some office work done in the morning.  A project that didn’t require, glue, glitter or anything that could damage the stack … Continue reading

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