The Benefits of Using an Amber Teething Necklace

AL’s first tooth finally popped up this past week… and we had no idea!

No drool - No sleep loss - No extra crankiness - No runny nose - No fever

You get the idea? She had absolutely no typical symptoms of teething. That means we were able to avoid Orajel, Tylenol and any other traditional medications.

Our completely natural way of dealing with teething symptoms causing ZERO side-effects:

An Amber Teething Necklace!

How It Works: These necklaces are made to wear, not to chew. Because Amber is not a stone (it is a fossilized resin produced by trees) it is easily absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream when warmed naturally by wearing it against the skin. The external layer of Amber contains 3%-8% of succinic acid (not the type of acid most people think of). Succinic acid is natural to the human body and works with the body to support the immune system, reduce pain/infection/inflammation (can even helps with eczema), calms nerves and restores overall health.

Who’s It For: EVERYONE!!! Girls AND Boys!!! The colors don’t affect the amber whatsoever – many people use the darker colors for boys and lighter colors for girls… However, my girl wears light & dark Amber beads (I don’t think it matters one bit). Amber is good for adults too!

Care: A necklace can be cleaned by using a soft cloth to wipe each bead. You can also rinse with clean spring water and dry in the sun. Take off necklace when swimming or bathing to help the string hold up longer. They last a long time – Some Amber necklaces have been passed down through generations!

Safety: Necklaces should be removed when children are without supervision. There is a knot between each bead so if the necklace breaks, only one bead should come off. The beads are small so if one did happen to be swallowed the child would be less likely to choke. The clasp is plastic (not silver) so if there is strain on the necklace it will easily give way and allow the necklace to break off. Round beads help the little ones wear this necklace comfortably – Chips of Amber should be worn by adults only.

AL sometimes reaches up to touch her necklace right when I put it on her, but once it has warmed up against her skin, she never messes with it. I really do believe that this necklace has helped AL through her first tooth and will continue to help her through her toddler years & beyond.

To me, it is worth trying something naturally first. This month, the FDA has changed their recommendations that now children under 2 years old NOT be given any products with benzocaine in them (like Orajel) because it “may cause a serious and possibly fatal condition” (list of OTC Benzocain products from FDA website)

We have not had to use anything besides AL’s necklace so far and she looks super stylish!

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