The Many Uses of Breast Milk… A follow-up

I am happy to see that so many people enjoyed my last post about breast milk! I had a request to find some more recipes that use breast milk. Well, here are some more ideas!

How great would breast milk lotion be? With it’s wonderful healing properties, it would soothe and moisturize dry skin and clear up eczema. Below is a recipe I found on an online baby forum, however, I have read that some mom’s simply hand express some breast milk into a small amount of lotion before applying to baby. (Mommy can use it too!)

Here is a great idea for mom’s of teething or sick babies- momsicles! They are super easy to make and babies love to suck on them when they are teething and would be soothing for a sore throat. You will need the cap off of a bottle or something similar and a pacifier (preferably with no hard parts). Fill the cap of the bottle 2/3 to 3/4 of the way with expressed breast milk and stick the pacifier in. Let freeze. When ready to use, run hot water over the cap for a few seconds to release and give to baby to enjoy! Another option would be to freeze your breast milk in clean ice cube trays. You can then take one of the frozen cubes and put it in a Baby Safe Feeder. When baby gets older and is on solid foods, you can experiment by adding yogurt, fruit juices, or fruit bits!

Many women are now using their breast milk in their every day cooking. While it can used in place of regular cow’s milk in almost any recipe, be aware that high heat will eliminate many of the antibodies that are so valuable in breast milk. It also has a higher water content so you will have to experiment a little to get the result you desire.

If you have any more recipes or ideas, please share them with us on the Happybottomus Facebook page or comment down below! Please share this with all of your nursing friends, too!

Oat, honey and breast milk lotion

You will need-
3 tablespoons of oats (prefer organic)
150ml water
150ml breast milk (if you cant express 150ml just make up the fluid to 300ml with water)
2tsp Bees wax pellets
6tsp Emulsifying wax
2 tablespoons sweet almond oil OR vitamin e oil
12 drops of camomile oil
2 tsp vit’ c powder (crushed supplement pills will be fine its just a preservative)
1tsp honey.
Two pans
Measuring spoons
Clean jar/tub to store cream in with airtight lid.
Muslin Square.

Put oats into a pan with water; boil up until water starts to turn milky and thick. Turn heat off add milk then set oats to drain in a muslin. When cool enough to handle give the muslin a really good squish and mush to get all of the sticky liquid out- I found that using the back of a spoon to scrape the gloop from the outside of the muslin helped.
add vit c powder, Set oaty milky fluid to one side.

Melt in a clean pan 2 tsp of bees wax and 6tsp of emulsifying wax. When melted add the almond/vit’’ e oil and also add the camomile oil. This must be done on a really low heat.

While this is melting re heat the milky oaty gloop do not simmer or boil just warm through nicely.

Keep both pans on a warm heat and pour a very small amount of the liquid into the oil. Whisk as if your life depends on it. Keep doing this until you have no liquid left. Add the honey.
The honey makes the lumpy gooey mixture go really runny. KEEP whisking. When most of the lumps have gone and the mix is shiny and thick pour mix into your clean tub and allow to cool..

I found at some points during this the mixture went from smelling sweet to sickly to sweet, the end product is a sweet scent of honey, oats and almost newborn baby breath smell.

You will be left with a very thick cream that goes a long way, I found that I had some little lumps of bees wax left in mine but they melted at body temp and glided nicely onto my skin. The cream is non-greasy and super moisturising. Store in the fridge.


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