The Many Uses of Breast Milk

We all know that breastfeeding rocks! Breast milk is not only the best choice for feeding your baby, but because of it’s antibacterial and healing properties, it has many other wonderful uses that many may not think of. Breast milk is sterile (when properly handled) and is great for cleaning and healing wounds as well as clearing up infections and various skin issues. Here are some additional ways your breast milk can be used:

  • Sore or cracked nipples- rub onto nipples and let air dry.
  • Eye infections- breast milk can cure pink eye, conjunctivitis, plugged tear ducts and sties. Squirt into open or shut eye or drip into eye from a bottle.
  • Scratches, scrapes, burns, cuts- squirt onto scratch, air dry and bandage as usual.
  • Diaper rash- apply to bottom, air dry and diaper as usual.
  • Mosquito bites or other insect bites- squirt on bite and rub in. Stops the itching!
  • Ear infections- squirt or drip into sore ear.
  • Acne or eczema- wash infected area with clean water then rub on breast milk and let air dry.
  • Sore throat- breastfeed child or squirt breast milk into the back of throat.
  • Stuffy noses- squirt into nose and suction or squeeze out like you would saline drops.
  • Contact lenses- hand express to get a nice stream to rinse irritants off lenses.
  • Puffy or red eyes- pour expressed milk over eyes. Does better than tea bags!
  • Cold sores and fever blisters- express a small amount onto clean finger and apply immediately to cold sore. Stops pain and helps speed up the healing process!
  • Chicken pox- apply and use like you would Calamine lotion.
  • Chapped lips or skin- express a small amount onto fingers and wipe on lips or skin. Do not rub it in- leave it a little wet. Helps clear up chapped lips in a day or two!
  • Immunity booster- breastfeed baby or express and give to older children or spouse to boost their immune system.
  • Facial cleanser- cleans skin very well! Apply to face and wipe clean. Even removes eye makeup!
  • Lubricant- can be used the same way as KY Jelly.

Mother’s Milk Soap

32 (4-ounce) bars


3 lbs. vegetable shortening
17 ounces dark olive oil
18 ounces Safflower oil
6 cups thawed breast milk
(you can use any amount of breast milk you like and substitute the rest,
just make sure your total fluid volume reaches 6 cups).

12 ounces pure sodium hydroxide (lye – Red Devil brand works)
1 ounce Borax
2 TLBS honey
1 ounce Essential oil – optional
Ice Cubes

Tool List:
Stainless steel pans
Wooden or stainless steel spoons
Newspaper to cover counter tops
Candy thermometer
Measuring cup

***Wear Gloves and protective eye-wear when making soap…lye burns!!
****Use only stainless steel pans for making soap – DO NOT use aluminum!!

Melt the veg. shortening in a sauce pan (about 8 quart size)and add the oils. Bring temp up slowly until the shortening is all melted. Don’t over heat or scorch the oils.

Plug your kitchen sink. Fill half way with water and add about 3 dozen ice cubes.

Put thawed cold breast milk in a sauce pan (about 3 quart size). Place the sauce pan into the water. You *must* keep the milk cool when you add the lye to it or the lye will burn it and make it unusable, not to mention real stinky!

Slowly stir in the sodium hydroxide (lye) stirring constantly and occasionally circulating the outer ice water. The lye is going to heat the milk up as you stir it in. Avoid breathing the fumes by working in a well ventilated area.

Adding the lye should take at least 5 minutes, any faster and you will burnout your milk. If you accidentally splash any on yourself, rinse immediately!

Once combined, continue to stir the milk/lye mixture for just a few more minutes (3) and then remove from the water bath and set aside. You will notice that the milk/lye mixture steadily becomes yellowish in color. That is normal.

Add the honey and borax to your melted oil which should still be warm but not hot (115 degrees or so).

Now, slowly and carefully pour the milk/lye mixture into the pan of oil. Stir constantly until it is all mixed together.

This mixture must now be whipped in a blender (2/3′s full at a time for safety sake). Run the blender (with the lid on) at whip speed for 60 seconds each time. Pour off into a clean pan.

Repeat the blender process a second time. This is when you will add your essential oils.

Once the mixture has been blended twice, it will be ready to pour into a mold where it will saponify and be ready to cut after 24 hours.

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2 Responses to The Many Uses of Breast Milk

  1. withLOVE says:

    LOVE this!!! I wish I had the tools to make this soap – I would have loved to try it. Do you know of any more things that you could use breast milk to make for around the home? Maybe another post?

  2. Jamie says:

    Wish granted! Be on the lookout for a follow-up post soon! :)