The time has almost come…

Well, I have been distant from blogging for a while but don’t be mad at me because I have a good reason… I have been incessantly nesting! I am scheduled to be induced this time around so I knew this day was coming soon but I just kept putting everything off until last week when I went to the doctor and found out I am already dilating (which I know doesn’t mean a whole lot- I was dilated 2 cm with DS for weeks). Either way, this news sure kicked my butt into gear! I became frantic and made a huge to-do list. All of my family and friends thought I was nuts and kept telling me to relax “because (you) won’t be able to once the baby comes.” Duh, I know this! However, I will not be able to sit around and relax knowing that there is so much to do. Well, I am pleased to announce that I am FINALLY finished with my list and ready for my baby girl to be here! Just so you know that I haven’t been ignoring all of you for the last couple weeks, this is what I have accomplished (and I am proud of it!) :

  • Cleaned the whole house from top to bottom
  • Did all of the laundry
  • Took hubby’s clothes to the dry cleaners (oops… still need to pick those up!)
  • Organized DS closet
  • Stocked up on groceries
  • Cleaned out junk in the garage
  • Went to the recycling center
  • Finished the new playroom- painted (with no VOC paint), had carpet installed, carpets cleaned and furniture moved in
  • Had new furniture moved in to the house
  • Had the car cleaned
  • Installed the infant car seat
  • And the list goes on…

Let’s just say that I am so stinking tired now! Today was a wonderful day, though. This was our last weekend as a family of three. We woke up to a nice, clean house, made pancakes, and spent the whole day together. We took our DS to Deanna Rose Farmstead and walked the nature trails, bottle-fed the goats, hid in the teepees, pet the baby calves and had ice cream. It was a perfect day, regardless of the fact that my feet are swollen. :)

The last thing on my to-do list, besides relax, is to buy DS a present from his new baby sister. My hubby and I thought that it would be a sweet idea to have a present for DS (from baby) when he comes to the hospital to meet his new baby sister. I want him to still feel special and loved. Plus, it will score baby sister some brownie points! LOL

Well, wish me luck because this is one tired and very pregnant momma and you probably won’t hear from me until after baby girl is here… but that will be a great story to share! :)

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