Turkey Fiasco

You know that turkey you found on sale at the local supermarket that you may have stocked your freezer with?  It said “all natural” on the package, so you assumed it was a good choice for your family.  Well, once again, it is proving to not be the case.


On Monday, Cargill recalled 185,000 lbs. of ground turkey for antibiotic resistant Salmonella.  Now this in and of itself is disconcerting.  But add to it that the same company recalled 36 million in August for the same bacteria and you should be very disturbed.

After the first recall the company instituted some new policies to keep away the deadly bacteria.  This included washing the meat several times with antibacterial washes (of which you will be consuming the residue).  This didn’t keep the bacteria away.  It’s no wonder though, really.  The farms that feed into Cargill’s processing plants raise their turkeys in close, unhealthy and inhumane quarters and load them up daily with antibiotics just to try to keep the disease at bay.  Why are we surprised that bacteria is arising out of these situations that is resistant to antibiotics?  And yes, food raised in that way can still be labeled “all natural”.

Factory Turkey Farm in Minnesota - www.stolaf.edu

So while it is tempting to jump on the new bandwagon of couponing and amassing large quantities of products when you find them cheap and on sale, I suggest a different plan.  Find a small, local, family farm.  Watch the animals graze on fresh grass and bask in the sunlight.  Order your meat in a large quantity from them at a discounted rate or through a CSA.  Feed your family with a level of confidence that can only come from knowing the meat they are eating truly is “all natural”.

Free Range Turkey Farm - www.sheepdrove.com


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