Why I Love Baby and Toddler Wearing

We had an amazing four day weekend this past weekend…my hubby was off work a couple extra days and the girls loooved it and so did I. We spent most everyday outside putting in the (free) playset we scored, planting, digging in the dirt, jamming to music at Jiggle Jam, going for walks to the park and for frozen yogurt!

This past weekend I was reminded why I love baby and toddler wearing:

  • I was able to snuggle and be close to my wee one while planting flowers and going down the slide with my toddler.
  • We were able to enjoy time outside as a family and not one of us had to be away for a moment.
  • Our four month old was able to be a part of our adventures.
  • Naps & nursing on the go!
  • I got to snuggle my baby and enjoy eating yummy frozen yogurt at the same time.
  • There is nothing sweeter than seeing your husband bond with your kiddos while baby wearing.
  • Dancing with a giggling baby is the best!
  • We didn’t have to lug a stroller with us when we were in the crowds at Jiggle Jam.
  • I got a good workout…I woke up this morning with sore muscles I didn’t even know I had.
  • And the best moment of all was when we were walking home from the park on Monday night and “Sunshine” (my toddler) asked to go for a ride in the Ergo on my back and she had the biggest ear to ear grin and half way home she fell asleep…what a perfect end to my weekend! :)

I totally agree with this statement from Dr. William and Martha Sears, “Baby wearing does good things for babies, and it makes life easier for mothers.”

Babies thrive through touch and wearing them is a perfect way for them to get your touch during the day and still be able to get some things done. Here are some additional benefits to baby wearing aside from my weekend adventure:

  • Happy Babies. It’s true … carried babies cry less! In a study published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers found that babywearing for three hours a day reduced infant crying by 43 percent overall and 54 percent during evening hours.
  • Healthy Babies. When a baby rides in a sling attached to his mother, he is in tune with the rhythm of her breathing, the sound of her heartbeat, and the movements his mother makes—walking, bending, and reaching.
  • Confident Parents. A large part of feeling confident as a parent is the ability to read our babies’ cues successfully. Holding our babies close in a sling allows us to become finely attuned to their movements, gestures, and facial expressions. Every time a baby is able to let us know that she is hungry, bored, or wet without having to cry, her trust in us is increased, her learning is enhanced, and our own confidence is reinforced. This cycle of positive interaction deepens the mutual attachment between parent and child, and is especially beneficial for mothers who are at risk for or suffering from postpartum depression.
  • Loving Caregivers. Baby carriers are a great bonding tool for fathers, grandparents, adoptive parents, babysitters, and other caregivers. Imagine a new father going for a walk with his baby in a sling. The baby is becoming used to his voice, heartbeat, movements, and facial expressions, and the two are forging a strong attachment of their own. Baby carriers are beneficial for every adult in a baby’s life. Cuddling up close in the sling is a wonderful way to get to know the baby in your life, and for the baby to get to know you!
  • Comfort and Convenience. With the help of a good carrier, you can take care of older children or do chores without frequent interruptions from an anxious or distressed infant—which helps to reduce sibling rivalry. Baby carriers are also wonderful to use with older babies and toddlers; you can save those arms and go where strollers can’t. Climbing stairs, hiking, and navigating crowded airports all can be done with ease when you use a well-designed baby carrier!

I love wearing my baby & toddler and all of the benefits…if you do too I would love to hear why. Feel free to share your encouraging story!

(Benefits to Babywearing from www.babywearinginternational.org)

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